About Us

Primeau Funding has been active in the financial community since 1999 securing capital for individual investors, developers and companies nationwide and internationally. We specialize in hard money and private equity participation for your commercial real estate and energy projects. We offer competitive rates on various loan types such as hard money and short term bridge. We will work diligently to create a solution for all your conforming and non-conforming financing needs to include commercial real estate and energy projects.

Commercial Real Estate

We will secure funding for your commercial real estate projects. Every commercial real estate transaction is unique in its own way, therefore, the interest rates and LTV's on various commercial real estate loan programs can vary. We encourage you to contact us with the parameters of your loan request so we can better assist you.

Private Equity

We have private equity available for your commercial real estate and energy projects. About 40% of all the projects that we see are equity based. Funding options include equity alone or a combination of straight debt with equity. Primeau will secure the capital you need for your new or existing project, contact us today.

Commercial Hard Money

If you are looking for short term bridge financing or need to take down a piece of property quickly then a commercial hard money loan could be the solution. Our commercial hard money loans are not credit driven and we offer fast closings. LTV ranges up to 65% for loans over $1M and up to 75% for loans $250K to $1M.