Short Term Bridge Loan Financing

Bridge loans are similar to hard money loans however as the name indicates the purpose is to bridge the borrower to the next transaction. It is actually a type of short term commercial real estate funding that will be used for interim financing until the property is refinanced, sold, or the property is improved or completed. Fast, short term funding for commercial real estate is one of our niches. We can facilitate funding quickly with all qualifications satisfied.

Commercial Hard Money

If you are looking for short term bridge financing or need to take down a piece of property quickly then a commercial hard money loan could be the solution. Our commercial hard money loans are not credit driven and we offer fast closings. LTV ranges up to 65% for loans over $1M and up to 75% for loans $250K to $1M.

Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing can be used in many commercial funding situations such as stabilized properties, value-added properties and new development. These are the three main types of transactions where mezzanine financing can be utilized. Call Primeau Funding today and we can discuss if mezzanine financing is a fit for you.

Construction Loans

At Primeau Funding we can get your commercial construction project funded. Most of our short term funding options for commercial construction financing have no pre-payment penalty or exit fee and terms up to three years or even more in some cases. Commercial construction loans typically range from $1M on up.