Commercial Hard Money Loans

Commercial hard money is a type of funding from a private lender that is backed by the value of the property and not by the credit worthiness of the borrower with a lower loan-to-value than traditional funding because the property itself is used as the only protection if the borrower goes into default on the loan. They are interest only with no pre-payment penalty or exit fee. Hard money loans are commonly used in if you need to take the property down quickly until it becomes stabilized to qualify for conventional financing. All loans are case-by-case per today’s marketplace.

Land Development

When looking at land loans we review the location, population, “As Is Value”, whether there are entitlements in place to include the exit strategy as Land Loans are risky with higher interest rates in most cases. Banks have strict underwriting guidelines therefore most individuals are not able to qualify for a land loan with their bank. Good transactions often do not get funded by banks due the scrutiny of bank underwriting criteria.