Commercial Real Estate Loans

Primeau Funding offers private hard money to fund your commercial real estate or commercial construction projects in the United States and internationally. We will ensure your commercial real estate loan specifically addresses your project needs. Our goal is to provide you with quality customer service so you can avoid any frustration during the funding process.

Immediate Funding

Immediate funding is available Short-Term Bridge and Unsecured Business loans available for real estate backed start-up businesses with real estate attached. For all Unsecured Business loans, you would need to be in business for at least 2-years with verifiable financials and a 650 or better FICO score with closings within 10-14 days. We offer quick closings for all commercial properties, existing businesses, and multi-family (apartment complex).

Phoenix Market

Primeau Funding has a special interest in offering hard money loans and short term bridge loans for certain types of residential and commercial properties within the Phoenix Metro area. Single family residential must be non-owner occupied. Values in the range from $50K up to $5M. Loans are interest only and up to 65% LTV.

Stated Income Loans

Primeau Funding offers Stated Income Loans for certain Multifamily (5+ units), Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Self-Storage and Automotive Services. Loan amounts are from $100,000 to $5M. These are Simple Doc Programs. Interest rates can be as low as 6.49% and up to 75% LTV. We have two program types available. Call for more details.